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5-9-2013 12-17-42 PM


Thanks to the hundreds of you for making the AngelList User Group (ALUG) pilot an enormous success. As we transition from the pilot phase to full production, among the important questions is the technology and community platforms we use. This message helps you understand our strategy.

Meetup (MU) – this an ok site for ad hoc gatherings. It leaves a lot to be desired. While it meets some needs today, and will continue to be used, it is not the long-term strategic choice. This is due to significant limitations.

AngelList (AL) – we all use and love AngelList and that’s why we are here. Remember, AL is a social medium first and foremost. It is important that you are always active in AL. It’s good practice to maintain your profile. It is also important to follow your other ALUG Members []. To get the most from AL strive to nurture, reveal and serve your social networks vis-à-vis AL.

Google Plus (G+) – is the strategic community platform for the ALUG. It makes expanded sharing and discovery very easy. You are urged to join the ALUG G+ Community today. G+ helps optimize and develop the productive networks beyond AL and MU. G+ provisions video conversations and exchanges with Hangouts. Simply put, G+ is the future of communities like the ALUG.

Some or even many of you may be skeptical of G+ and other social media. That’s smart. Facebook train wrecks are legion. Even mighty Google has had major flops like Orkut and Wave…

G+ is different. It’s for business. Online community technology has been my specialty for decades. G+ is here to stay. Join your ALUG here…

and start sharing!


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