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On behalf of Colabria, please accept your invitation to participate in your next Colabria ClusterKnowledge Management 2014(KM2014).

Your California KM Community is the Colabria Action Research Network representing Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Northern and Southern California. KM2014 is your next community event. Your Bizzabo KM2014 Event Community is open. All are welcome.

In today’s post-informational and post-industrial society, Knowledge Management (KM) is enjoying a stunning renaissance. Knowledge creation and usage is leading many of the modern priorities of business, government and civil society. Some of the most dramatic, obvious and impactful characteristics of KM and our emerging Knowledge Society are –

  • Producing ideas is the main way to grow the economy;
  • Knowledge creation is the essential business capability;
  • Transformation from goods to knowledge-based services;
  • Knowledge workers and the creative class propel disruptive innovation;
  • Sociology, biological and behavioral science subsumes information technologies for sense-making, knowledge creation, growth and prosperity.

These natural principles of authentic knowledge existed before. However, they were overwhelmed by the discovery and preoccupation with information technologies. The end of the Information Revolution (1957-2007) and pervasive mastery of information, has again brought KM and knowledge creation to the forefront of business, government and civil society.

The era of Google, Wikipedia, Hadoop, smartphones and so forth has fundamentally altered knowledge creation, KM, business, government and civil society. Great vigor, interest and appetite for perpetual knowledge creation puts KM squarely in the forefront of productivity, innovation and prosperity.

Where do we see this dramatic shift? How do you advance in the Knowledge Era? What are the four realms of 21st Century knowledge and KM? What are the future-focused themes that you must master today?

Action-Research Themes

The four realms of Authentic, 21st Century KM are drawn from sociological, biological, behavioral and technological breakthroughs of the post-information era. They are summarized here with examples of key action/research themes for the your Colabria Clusters.

  • Sociological principles and advancements are essential to advanced sense-making, social media, networks and business. Techniques such as social network analysis and business ecologies are critical to optimal knowledge flow.
  • Biological factors of brain science, living systems and evolutionary development (evo-devo) reveal and create conditions for optimal knowledge sharing and creation. Neuromodulators like oxytocin propel KM and the emerging field of NeuroBusiness.
  • Behavioral innovations like mindfulness, storytelling and narrative are the foundations of Authentic KM. Complexity is a joyful and essential property to be embrace for flourishing knowledge creation and prosperous knowledge ecologies.
  • Technological breakthroughs are ushering in the era of cognitive computing. Mid-Century Von Neumann architectures are giving way to algorithmic big data and social computing to fundamentally advance knowledge creation and KM.

All of these realms are a stark and astonishing departure from the decomposing KM Establishment and their parochial information practices of the past.

Actors in the Colabria Action Research Networks are the future-focused KM iconoclasts. Your KM2014 Cluster reveals and serves auspicious conditions of 21st Century KM and knowledge leadership. Join your colleagues,  communities and clusters to embrace the Knowledge Era and above all Create the Future!

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