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ColabriaCenters for Network Research are aiding the transformation from a function and process model to the network mindset. Network thinking, orientation, visualizations, theory, etc. are subsuming the function and process mentality. The network model is rising fast for organizations, businesses, industries, the environment and civil society.

One leading indicator of the enormous importance of network analysis to people, business, government, militaries and society is the explosion of network research centers at major universities. Below, is a quick, modest, anecdotal and validated representative sample.

If you can add to this list, just use the ‘Comment’ feature or send a note to us at Colabria. This list will be open, update and published for all. All university, government, corporate or military centers conducting fundamental, applied, primary and secondary research in network analysis and visualization for business, science and economics are welcome to join the list.

(Some) Centers for Network Research

Carnegie Mellon:
Indiana University:
Iowa State:
NYU Stern Business:
Int’l Network for SNA:
Stanford :
U. of Massachusetts:
Links Center for SNA:

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