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At Colabria Action Research Networks we love Connected Action. They are a top, global exponent of Sociology and the Internet, Social Media, Networks and Mobile Social Software – many of the critical themes that propel Colabria worldwide.

Connected Action has a ton of useful, tangible offerings. They help make sense of your network future.  Connected Action is highly recommended. Here are some links, references and people to get you on the path towards comprehensive network mastery.  


NodeXL Graph Gallery: A collection of social media network visualizations, descriptions and data sets for download.

Connected Action Blog: social media, sociology, information visualization and networks.

Download and support site for NodeXL: the Network Overview, Discovery and Exploration (NODE) add-in for Excel. If you can make a pie chart, you can now make a social media network map!

Twitter Stream [@marc_smith]: Tweets focused on maps of social media, research, and events.

The Social Media Research Foundation (SMRF) is the creator of NodeXL. The SMRF fosters the creation of open tools, open data, and open scholarship.

Recent press on social media network maps and politics:

Video overview of NodeXL:


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