Don’t Get SWAM’ed


LinkedIn Groups now offers Site-Wide Automated Moderating (SWAM).

SWAM is a draconian moderation method for LinkedIn Groups. Any moderator in any group can SWAM you. Even if a moderator simply disagrees with your post or its tone or rhetoric, for example, they can SWAM you.

Anybody that gets SWAM’ed is permanently placed in moderation. SWAM is platform-wide, i.e., all of LinkedIn. There is no global way to undo a SWAM. The only remedy, and a real nuisance, is to ask each moderator to un-moderate you for each group.


Maybe SWAM is good for for dealing with trolls and spammers. However, it is a problematic policy. Forbes is reporting on SWAM. While moderation is important, global moderation like SWAM is over-the-top. It presents all kinds of knotty problems.

What to do? Don’t get SWAM’ed. Also, contact LinkedIn and tell ‘em SWAM SUCKS.


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