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Colabria Action Research Network  It is a relief that enterprise educrats are finally realizing and accepting that learning is socially mediated. It is good to see firms abandoning their failed strategies for monolithic learning applications, transactional learning management systems (LMS) and centrally controlled collaboration. It is rewarding to see the majority of folks accept this model for enterprise efforts –

Training — systematic, procedural instruction on how to use tools or methods. No qualification or accreditation.

Education – Lectures on principles and theory. It is conducted by educational institutions and must be accredited.

Qualification – Train the trainer.

None of these are related to social learning. Many organizations are decommitting from these wasteful and ineffectual practices in favor of authentic learning.

Learning – Deliberate modification of behavior through advice, conversation, theory, tools, practice and experience. 

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Since 1996 the global Colabria Action Research Network has been an extant enterprise learning network. Socially mediated, transorganizational networks create fundamentally advancements in the enterprise capability model. Learning from the future through authentic conversation achieves confident new behaviors and actions.

The spotty adoption of enterprise social media is a painful reminder for the ‘learning community’ or ‘learning management’ power set. These folks need be dragged kicking and screaming into the future of the social web and its complex adaptive systems. Many will make the transformation others won’t.

For those left behind there may be roles to administer training programs, education and housekeeping efforts. However, in The Social Enterprise there is scant little room or need for the pedantic training methods of the past.  

Simultaneously, it is rewarding to witness the rapid emergence of socially organized learning networks. These ad hoc, bottom up learning networks are enormously effective. Fluid, hastily-formed networks allow timely, ad hoc conversation to propel organizations forward with alacrity.

Remember, humans learn most by modeling behavior. Enterprise social media, objects and methods greatly expand and sharply improve the necessary conditions needed to achieve resilient and agile learning networks. They allow diverse narratives to cohere behaviors to deliver enterprise innovation and prosperity. 

Of course the enterprise educrats find the notion of ‘uncontrolled’ social learning repellent. Since it can’t be put in a binder, in a transactional application, in some grand framework, measured or packaged, it gives them fits. The complex nature of all learning does not fit their order-system, Newtonian mental models driving typical training metrics or development departments. The critical notion of serving versus controlling learning is difficult to accept. The enterprise educrats will adapt or perish.

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