Greatly Exaggerated


There is a lot of silly talk about the ‘death’ of various elements of social business or social business altogether. The death of social business is greatly exaggerated.

Newsflash: all business is social. Business is not dying. Business is simply a social arrangement for exchange of goods, services and revenues. No exceptions.

Still, there is a valid, legitimate and long overdue death – the specious, dangerous and useless notion of ‘Social ROI’ and social metrics. See:

The Death Of Social ROI

Hallelujah! Let’s please all agree to drop all the ‘half-baked’ ideal of social business metrics and social ROI.


If you believe the social metrics craze they you may think you operate a car just by looking at the speedometer, fuel gauge and oil temp. Simple measurement conveniences have nothing to do with the safe operation of an automobile or leading a prosperous business. As the saying goes, pay attention to the road! 

Thus, what matters in social business is discounted cash flow or DCF. There are six drivers of DCF —

• Decrease Expenses

• Increase Profit Margin

• Increase Revenue

• Lower Taxes

• Decrease Amount of Capital Required

• Decrease Cost of Capital

If you aren’t creating DCF then you simply aren’t in business, social or otherwise.

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