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The KM Stack Exchange Network, also called KM StackExchange, is a question-and-answer site for knowledge management (KM). Please join today. 

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KM StackExchange questions, answers and users are subject to a reputation award process. KM StackExchange is self-moderating. KM StackExchange is modeled after Stack Overflow – a popular forum for computer programming questions. 


KM StackExchange solves a major problem that has plagued online KM groups for decades: foolish, unfair and inept KM moderation. Overzealous, self-appointed KM group moderators, with little or no KM experience or competency, make very poor moderators.

Insufferable trolls and KM dilettantes have hijacked virtually every public KM discussion group known. They wish to advance their own narrow agenda at the expense of authentic KM. Too often when incompetent moderators are unfamiliar with a KM topic, proven practice or innovation, they simple ignore, delete or prohibit the postings and comments.

KM StackExchange corrects malignant KM group moderation through innovative forms of reputation management, gamification and self-moderation. KM StackExchange sets an outstanding example for KM worldwide.

Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Knowledge Management

The consequences of universally poor KM Group moderation are manifold. Indifferent KM moderators have no interest in advancing KM. They shun many of the KM leaders. Worse, their online stunts make it impossible for ordinary people, managers and leaders to embrace KM. Some of the worst outcomes of their clumsy and amateurish KM online group moderation are:

  • Lack of any learning from the future
  • Overbearing, annoying focus on information technology
  • Profound disdain for KM foundations like systems thinking, complexity and phronesis

It is time to correct these defects. It is time for KM to set a global example. It is time for KM online forums to be self-moderating. It is time for KM StackExchange.

KM StackExchange does not replace existing KM online groups. Those groups are for connection. KM StackExchange is specifically for collecting group-moderated KM questions and answers. Please join today.



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