Knowledge Transformation

A lot of people still focus on technology to improve knowledge management (KM). Why? Because it is easy. It fits the Western, bureaucratic and corporate mindset. Problem is, it is also not very effective. Technology has the lowest impact to knowledge transformation. Save your money.

Rather, in study after study and heaps of commons sense, Leadership and People are the best levers to advance KM. Taken together, they are achievable and simply have the greatest impact.


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Changing culture is best avoided. It is too hard to codify and modify. Cultural modification is not an effective method for KM transformation. Changing culture is impossible for most organizations. Rather, serve the culture you inhabit. Above all, do no harm.  

Meanwhile, Structure can have substantial impact. Particularly the essential activity of brokering structural holes. Optimal network structure reveal prosperous knowledge flow paths, productivity and innovation.

To achieve Knowledge Transformation focus on your Structure, People and Leadership. It’s doable. It has the most impact.

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