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There is a new open source offering for LinkedIn Visualization. It is by Craig Tutterow, Doctoral Student, University of Chicago. The advantages are described as follows:

1) it’s open-source and can be improved upon collaboratively

2) the visualization is written using the D3.js library, so it is dynamic and interactive

3) option for coloring nodes by industry

4) option to enable/disable connections to self

Here is a sample.

LinkedIn Viz

See and try:

Description: The link above is an open-source program I wrote that generates a network diagram and performs a basic social network analysis of a user’s LinkedIn network. Egocentric network measures are generated uniquely for each user, and displayed in raw form and as a percentile against all other users of the site. If you go to the link – there is a button on the top of the page prompting the user to login to LinkedIn. It then uses the LinkedIn API to display their network. Readers might find it useful for interactive class demonstrations and/or quickly and cheaply fielding network surveys.


Craig Tutterow
Doctoral Student
University of Chicago

Colabria Action Research

Colabria EET

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