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8-10-2013 5-17-29 PM The Courage Within Us by Mr. Simplicity aka Bill Jensen is recommended by your Colabria Action Research Networks.

The Courage Within Us unleashes what’s already inside you. You have what it takes to survive and thrive in disruptive times… but you must master your disruptive hero.

The Courage originated from interviews with 100 Disruptive Heroes: the leaders of disruptive change…

  • Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer
  • Hillary Clinton’s head of innovation, Alec Ross
  • World’s best female poker player, Annie Duke
  • Founder of StumbleUpon, Garrett Camp
  • Founder of Flickr, Caterina Fake
  • Film producer, Avatar and Titanic, Jon Landau
  • Psychologist de-radicalizing boys forced into the Taliban, Feriha Peracha

Typical Reader Reaction

“WOW! I couldn’t stop until I had finished. It’s so inspiring. The interviews are amazing.”

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7 Essential Character Traits of Disruptive Heroes

  1. Choose Your Parents Wisely
  2. Become a Global Citizen, Now!
  3. Be Insanely Curious
  4. Blow Stuff Up!
  5. Trust Your Values, Trust Your Gut
  6. Practice Failure as an Extreme Sport
  7. Start with Lemonade Stands and Never Stop

About Bill

Bill Jensen is Mr. Simplicity. He makes it easier to do great work The Courage is Bill’s 7th book. Visit Simpler Work.

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