Network Research Centers

There is an explosion of research, offerings, education and interest in social network analysis (SNA). SNA is the study of the patterns and structures of relationships.

One leading indicator of the enormous importance of network analysis to people, business, government, militaries and society is the explosion of network research centers at major universities. Below, is a sample.


Centers for Network Research are aiding the global transformation from a function and process model to the network mindset. Network thinking, orientation, visualizations, theory, etc. has finally arrived. The network comprehension is rising fast for organizations, businesses, industries, the environment and civil society. Leaders take heed. 

For further details, including URLs, please visit the main Network Research Centers Site. There you may access, share and sponsor the curation of global Network Research Centers.

Network Research Centers


Institution Name Location
ARSChile ARSChile Santiago, Chile
Australian National Observatory for Networks (VOSON) Canberra, Australia
Bowdoin College Social Network Innovation Lab Brunswick, Maine
Carnegie Mellon (CASOS) Pittsburgh, PA
Central European Center for Network Science (CNS) Budapest, Hungary
Centre for Globalisation Network Dynamics and Governance Hamburg, Germany
Columbia Center on Organizational Innovation New York, NY
European Coalition Coalition Theory Network (CTN) Various countries in Europe
Harvard Program on Networked Governance Cambridge, MA
Helsinki University Value Networks Helsinki, Finland
Independent Social Media Research Foundation Belmont, CA
Indiana University Center for Complex Networks Bloomington, IN
Indiana University Network Workbench Bloomington, IN
Iowa State Agent-based computational economics Ames, IA
KAIST Socio-Economic Systems Lab Daejeon, Korea
MIT Human Dynamics Laboratory Cambridge, MA
Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems Evanston, IL
Northwestern(2) Science of Networks in Communities Evanston, IL
Nuffield Network Network of Network Researchers Oxford, UK
NYU Stern Business NET Institute New York, NY
Oxford CABDyN Complexity Centre Oxford, UK
Oxford(2) Privacy Value Networks Oxford, UK
Stanford Silicon Valley Networks Analysis Project Stanford, CA
UCLA Human Complex Systems Los Angeles, CA
UMass Amherst Center for Super Networks Amherst, MA
Universitat Autònoma Egolab-GRAFO Barcelona, Spain
University of Freiburg Organization and HR-Management Freiburg (Germany)
University of Greenwich Centre for Business Network Analysis London, UK
University of Illinois at Chicago Center on Organizational Dynamics Chicago, IL
University of Irvine Mathematical Behavioral Sciences Irvine, CA
University of Kentucky LINKS Center Lexington, KY
University of Ljubljana University of Ljubljana Ljubljana, Slovenia
University of Melbourne Social Networks laboratory (MELNET) Melbourne, Australia
University of Notre Dame Network Science & Applications Notre Dame, IN
University of Southern California Annenberg Networks Network Los Angeles
University of Surrey Business Clusters University of Surrey
University of Toronto Bader Lab Toronto, Canada
University of Toronto(2) Netlab Toronto, Canada
University of Washington Statistics And The Social Sciences Seattle, WA
University of Zurich Applications of Social Network Analysis Zurich, Switzerland

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