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While effective knowledge management (KM) can only be achieved through conversation, collaboration, community and complex interactions, some foundational masterworks are useful.


knowledge management


Beware! It is important to steer clear of books from specious ‘knowledge management institutes,’ silly ‘knowledge management councils’ and malignant knowledge management training groups. Avoid so-called knowledge management thought leaders’ too. Mostly these are just sales instruments for bespoke methods and questionable techniques. They are rather useless.

Also, the ‘pop’ knowledge management books are fun, but mostly lack any nutritive value.

In short, ‘Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts’ such as greedy KM organizations and their self-absorbed creators.

Rather, focus on authentic knowledge management tomes. Some important recommendations are –

The Production and distribution of Knowledge in the United States” (Princeton 1961)

The Knowledge Creating Company” by friend and colleague Ikujuro Nonaka ––wirtschaftsuniversitaumlt-wien-part-i.aspx

and, of course, for practitioners, Everett’s “Diffusion of Innovations.”

Meanwhile, if you are courageous, and REALLY wish to understand KM, read “Identity and Control,” and “Markets from Networks” by the great Harrison White –


knowledge management


All of these would make a fine main course for a big KM feast. If you want a quick appetizer, study –

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