Colabria Action Research is above all a Leadership Network. We seek edges with other global agencies advancing 21st Century leadership practices. Smarter-Companies is one. It is described below by Mary Adams. If you know people fighting the good fight to retire management practices of the last century please let Colabria know. We’ll get them in-network.

by Mary Adams

Today, I am announcing the re-launch of the IC Knowledge Center as smarter-companies. Our aim is to become a marketplace of consulting tools that help optimize the intangible capital that makes up 80% of the value of the average business today.

As you know, for many years I have had a great interest (some would say obsession!) about the role of intangible capital in the growth and competitiveness of companies. With the help of colleagues, clients and our broad network, we worked to develop tools and methodologies to support this thinking. And we created a web community to share our learning because we felt strongly that one person or one company could never have all the answers. Until now, the community was known as the IC Knowledge Center.

Our community attracted an international audience. 60% of you are consultants. 20% are academics (many of whom also consult). The remainder includes attorneys, companies, non-profits, governments and solutions providers. Members’ areas of specialization include intellectual/intangible capital, knowledge management, human capital, innovation, finance, information technology, marketing, performance, knowledge management and intellectual property.


Colabria Knowledge Management

In short, our community looks like a map of the intangible capital of the organizations we serve. Yet the potential of our community’s IC, like that of many organizations, has not been fully developed. That’s why I made the decision to re-name the community and create a business model around it.

Going forward, we will be offering the products and methodologies that we’ve developed over the last seven years (some as open source and some as paid products) under the ICounts name. But we hope that our products will be surrounded by products from other consultants and service providers. Our goal is for the smarter-companies site to become a place of continuous learning about how to create smarter companies–and also a marketplace of solutions that help consultants and companies apply that learning.

As we begin 2013, allow me to share my belief in a bright future. The ultimate message of intangible capital is that we share collective knowledge, much of it untapped, that has the potential to conquer the challenges facing the world and create profitable, sustainable businesses fueled by the power of people, communities and social technologies. I look forward to sharing this new journey with you.

Mary Adams

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