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There is an explosion of research, offerings, education and interest in social network analysis (SNA). SNA is the study of the patterns and structures of relationships.

SNA is important. It informs all human activity. SNA is widely use in academic settings. Today SNA is becoming pervasive in business, government and military organizations. SNA impacts all dimensions of civil society. SNA is popular because it propels positive outcomes.

Colabria SNA    

To keep pace with the rapidly expanding galaxies of SNA information an open, curated site has been created. SNA Open Site help maintain reliable lists, links and descriptions of SNA activities worldwide. The SNA Open Site curates the following so far:

  • SNA Courses – education offerings in SNA
  • Business SNA – SNA offerings for business
  • SNA and Media – SNA scholarship for media studies
  • Research Centers – geographic centers for SNA research

All are welcomed and encouraged to review, add, correct, edit and share the data in the SNA Open sites.


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