Colabria Cluster Sponsorship

Colabria sponsors enjoy greater visibility, awareness and enterprise pull-through for their offerings. Sponsorship propels funnel activities and increases sales.

Colabria Sponsorship

Join hundreds of industry leaders, universities, non-governmental agencies, venture capital teams, startups and individuals that sponsor the Colabria Action Research Networks.


Colabria Action Research Networks

Distinguish your offerings as the preeminent leader in the market. Reveal essential network structures to propel awareness, adoption and prosperity for your offerings.

Colabria Sponsorship

Sponsorship activates your organization in the global Colabria Action Research Networks. Markets and delegates have the confidence that you are among the leaders in your field and worldwide. You will enjoy network edges with praxis leaders, Next Practice innovators and respected authorities across the globe.



Sample of Past Sponsors

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Specific Benefits and advantages of Colabria Sponsorship

Colabria sponsors are globally recognized for thought leadership, Next Practices, technology excellence and distinguished business leadership overall.

  • Prominent mention, graphics and links;
  • Blog coverage, content & improved search engine presence;
  • All event rosters provided for leads, awareness and prospects;
  • Global, integrated emails to the entire community with descriptions;
  • Execution of a comprehensive social media and word-of-mouth campaign;
  • Inclusion in global press releases and social media for marketing and publicity;
  • Expanded visibility with top academics, executives, local evangelists and experts;
  • Sponsorship, relationships and personal testimonials from recognized thought leaders;

  • Greater awareness, sales and adoption with thousands of world-wide enterprise affiliates;
  • Diffusion within a large population of experts, enterprise users, scholars and practitioners;
  • Speaking and demonstration opportunity at cluster; distribution of promotional jackets & materials.



Colabria Action Research