Systems Thinking

Someone recently asked, What does Systems Thinking have to do with knowledge management (KM)?  <Gasp!> After recovering from the initial shock, a calm, measured response was offered, “Systems Thinking is KM.”

The links below are a friendly reminder. They will hopefully serve and aid continuous systems thinking edification, development and deployment for all.

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visual complexity

Systems ThinkingStudy, comprehension,
application and mastery of interdependence.

An unofficial, incomplete, anecdotal but really useful list of notable systems thinking sites. Suggestions, additions and corrections welcome and encouraged.

Colabria Systems Thinking


Ackoff Center for Advancement of Systems
Buckminster Fuller Institute
Colabria Action Research
Cognitive Edge
Council on Systems Engineering
New England Complex Systems Institute
Pegasus Communications, Inc.
Plexus Institute
Santa Fe Institute
Society for Organizational Learning
Society for Systems Sciences
Systems Thinking
Systems Dynamics Society
Systems Thinking Applications
W. Edwards Deming Institute



Colabria Action Research

Colabria EET

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