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“UCLA has one department of computer science
and 25 biology departments. Why? Biologists are smarter.”
Alan Kay

Sign up now for Techonomy BIO on June 17th at The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. At Techonomy BIO engage in conversation at the highest level on the role of Internet technology in biology. Surface conversations on the rapid advances being made in biology. Discover the impact of Internet and information technology on genetic sequencing and printable organs, to prostheses and programmable drugs to entirely new sources of energy.

Colabria Techonomy Bio

Two Minute Video Intro to Techonomy Bio

The potential for widespread benefit from the nexus of the Internet and biology is endless. There are plenty of challenges and important unanswered questions. By bringing tech and biology together, new bio-innovators are changing the experience of life itself.

Techonomy Bio will convene leaders from bioscience, biotech, IT, biohackers, healthcare, pharma, academia and finance. They will propel a dynamic dialogue on the ideas, solutions and opportunities emerging as tech, bio and business converge.

Joining us will be Beth Seidenberg of Kleiner Perkins, Stewart Brand of the Long Now Foundation, Drew Endy of Stanford, Andrew Hessell of Autodesk, David Haussler of UC Santa Cruz, Jim Flatt of Synthetic Genomics, Ryan Phelan of Revive and Restore, Jorge Soto of mirOculus, Eri Gentry of the Institute for the Future, and Lindy Fishburne of the Thiel Foundation.. Sessions in development include:

  • Great Wall of Bio
  • Participatory Biology
  • Programmable Life
  • The Funding Dilemma
  • Who Owns Your Genetic Data?
  • Policy: Makers, Shakers and Breakers
  • How Will Biological Progress Transform the Economy?


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