“Thank you for putting this cluster together. Every once in a while we’re fortunate enough to be introduced to new ideas that breathe renewed life into our efforts. I appreciate that you set this up and allowed me the opportunity to sprout some new shoots of knowledge. It’s been a while since any professional development opportunities have sparked any real passion.”

Cheryl Scramuzza, Plastipak

“I was tremendously impressed by the event.”

Graham Lawlor, Deutsche Bank

“Thanks for such an informative and valuable event on prediction markets last week. I’ll be looking forward to future events.”

Chip Dempsey, SVP, The Clearing Corporation

“I wanted to thank you for the great conference. I really enjoyed myself and learn a lot.”

John Clark, Insurgent Technologies

“Thank you very much for organizing the Summit. I found it to be a highly useful conference and I was particularly pleased with the efficiency of the program – all of the talks were valuable and all of the time was put to good use .”

Bryan Goodman, Ford Motor Company

“Terrific, thought provoking effort. Can’t wait see what is next!”

Jenny Ambrozek, Founder, SageWay

“The conference was very well executed. I was impressed.”

Daniel Palestrant, Sermo

“Thanks for putting together a great program for the Summit.”

David Pennock, Researcher, Yahoo! Research Labs

“The Summit was a great success.” (December 2005)

Todd Proebsting, Senior Researcher Microsoft

“Very stimulating workshop. Rich in ideas and new ways of thinking and transforming the way we work and live.”

Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet,Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

“Excellent material, can’t wait to start practicing the tools.”

Knowledge Advisor, ACC

“Verna has great passion and is a great motivator. Has great ideas for us to take back to our organisation.”

Council Librarian, City Council

“Verna has great passion and is a great motivator. Has great ideas for us to take back to our organisation.”

Council Librarian, City Council

“Thank you, Verna. I appreciate your assistance with my challenge.”

Knowledge Management Advisor, Land Information

“Really great and very stimulating, it will be very useful in my current work.”

Director, Centre of Smart Product, Institute of Technology

“Exceeded expectations.”

Knowledge Management Consultant, Athena Solutions Ltd

“Thanks for organizing this great conference. It was one of the most valuable events I’ve attended, both thanks to the speakers and the attendees.” (December 2005)

Russell Cameron Thomas, Founder and President Meritology

“The meeting went very well.” (December 2005)

Chris Hibbert, Principal Investigator, Prediction Markets CommerceNet

“I had a great experience. It was a great opportunity to connect with other people interested in prediction markets. I learned a ton and was completely surprised by how engaged and interested I was. The participants most definitely cracked the surface and went beyond the usual, predictable musings. Well done.” (December 2005)

Bo Cowgill, Project Manager Google

“I applaud your effort.” (November 2005)

Kent Greenes, Chief Knowledge Officer & SVP, Science Applications International Corporation