The Eyes Have It

3-14-2012 8-06-53 AM

Man Ray

 With 120 million monochrome and 5 million color receptors, the eye and brain are able to do what even our most advanced cameras are still unable.

With a resolution of about 30 megapixels, the human eye is able to gather information at about 72 frames per second. The eyes have it.

The maximum required graphics resolution for the human eye to reach its apex in visual fidelity is 8000×4000 with a 90 degree field of view (FOV.)

What you see today on modern 30-in LCD panels is about 2560 × 1600 resolution. The 8000 × 4000 resolution required is about 16x that of current HDTVs.

About 40 billion triangles per second are needed to reach 8000 × 4000 resolution.

Currently, the fastest GPU for triangle processing can handle about 2.8 billion per second. About a 50x improvement is needed to reach the apex.

That difference is likely to be reached in the next two generations of architecture. It lends credence to those saying the end beginning is near.

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Visual Computing Still Decades from Computational Apex

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