The Fiction of Big Science

Many people think Big Science comes from systematic and engineered pursuits of knowledge. It’s not so.

Many notions of the origins of science and technology are ridiculous and just plain wrong.

In fact, many/most fundamental advances in Big Science and technology come from science fiction, protoscience and spirituality.

 The BIG secret is getting out.

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For example, among the greatest scientists that ever lived, was first, foremost and forever an ardent alchemist. Yep, Isaac Newton’s real passions were the principles and practices of mythology, religion, and spirituality.

The online journal and social medium that is, “Powering the Global Silicon Valley,” is aptly named, “The Alchemist.”

Steve Jobs use of entheogens, to discover the divine within, is legendary.

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“…in 1988, Apple made a promotional video that introduced an imagined tablet computer called the Knowledge Navigator, which even possessed a talking virtual assistant uncannily similar to the iPhone’s Siri. Twenty-two years later— the fictional Knowledge Navigator morphed into the iPad.”

2-9-2013 3-50-32 AM Marshall McLuhan, the spiritual leader of the Internet media revolution and Patron Saint of Wired Magazine, predicted the WWW 30-years before its debut. Marsh was also a fervent Mariologist.

Protoscience, spirituality and science fiction are the foundations that inform and create modern science and technology.

Astrology became astronomy, alchemy became chemistry, and so forth and so on.

Fetishistic facts are destructive. Imperious politicians, coastal elites, and media dilettantes claiming breakthrough science and technology originate from ‘facts,’ measurement, and little 4-up diagrams are mostly absurd. Recall, scientific empiricism, was born in the 16th Century, and died in the 1940s.

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive
and move toward higher levels.”Albert Einstein

Big Science and break away thinking must embrace spirituality. Every conference of merit on science and technology must have at least one science fiction writer on the agenda. Protoscience matters.

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