What is Colabria Action Research?

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Colabria is an action research network. Scholars and academics sometimes call it praxis intervention. The focus is proximate. The scope is global.

Colabria conducts periodic collaborations, conferences and confabulations. They are known as Colabria Clusters. The purpose is to Create The Future.

Colabria was founded in San Francisco in 1996. Ongoing themes include network science, collective intelligence, knowledge leadership, the knowledge economy and digital society. Colabria conducts and participates in hundreds of seminal events for thousands of delegates worldwide.

Colabria elaborates the rich systems-level portfolio of techniques and methods required to lead 21st century knowledge-based businesses, organizations and civil societies. 

The Colabria Clusters priority is the diverse stable of future-focused systems-thinking and knowledge network techniques, tools, talent, technology and theory.

The heart of the Colabria mission is leadership development. Robust, confident leadership creates optimal and prosperous networks and knowledge ecosystems.

Mastery is achieved through triangulation of theory, tools and practice. Sense and meaning are energized through authentic conversations.

Many groups, universities, consultants and others examine vertical tools and singular, isolated techniques. This mechanical reduction of networks and knowledge methods is lacking. 

The unique, systems-level network bias of the Colabria Clusters advances comprehension. Elegant simplicity delivers inspired interactions. Shared imagination drives action. Mental models shape learning. Personal mastery is achieved. The outcome is prosperity.

A portfolio of methods and techniques propels the Colabria Clusters. Some themes that inhabit the global action/research ecosystem are as follows:

These are among the tangible and intangible techniques required for knowledge-based endeavors. Comprehension abets personal mastery, mental models, and team learning. The Colabria Clusters uncover the interdependence of knowledge-based techniques. Colabria Clusters reveal and serve the future. 

Colabria Action ResearchCreate The Future

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