When Did You Join LinkedIn?

Next month is my 10-year Anniversary on LinkedIn. It is interesting that it has some special meaning.

Here in Silicon Valley credibility is important. Some flash their LinkedIn Serial Number as a form of street cred: a measure for commanding a level of respect in an urban environment due to experience in or knowledge of issues affecting those environments.

The meme is the lower your LinkedIn Number the higher your street cred.


So, how do you find out when you joined LinkedIn? Simply login to your linked LinkedIn. Then press your profile picture in the upper right to reach the ‘Privacy and Settings’ menu.


4-4-2013 6-33-46 PM


‘Privacy and Settings’ page list your join date as follows…


4-4-2013 6-38-11 PM


Now, how to find that all-important Serial Number? Easy, just click on your Picture to reveal your Profile. Ta-da! Your LinkedIn Serial Number is revealed. The ID= Number in your profile URL is your LinkedIn Serial Number.


4-4-2013 6-42-51 PM


In this case, for me, it is 4381. Hope the 200M+ that joined after me have enjoyed it as much as me.

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Know your street cred. What’s your LinkedIn Serial Number? 

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  1. John,

    Evidently I joined LinkedIN the day after you (May 16, 2003) and my ID # is 4552, so just a few hundred after yours. I guess we both have street cred?

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