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Welcome to the Global Forum/Shaping the Future 2014 in Geneva!

The Global Forum 2014 is taking place on November Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th in Geneva, Switzerland at the CICG – International Conference Center of Geneva.


This 23rd edition benefits of the support of the State Chancellery of Geneva as well as international entities such as ITU, ETSI, WHO… The agenda is composed of diverse sessions and topics reflecting the current key issues of the digital society: Innovation, Infrastructures, IPR, Content & Creation, Security & Privacy, Connected Health, Open/Big Data Power & Internet of Things, Smart Cities, After the Digital Revolution: Business Models 2.0…

What is the Global Forum/Shaping the Future?

The Global Forum/Shaping the Future is an independent, international, high profile, thought-provoking non-for-profit think-tank dedicated to Business and Policy issues affecting the successful evolution of the Digital Society. It is hold each year in a different country to benefit of the Digital Societies’ various perspectives around the world.

The Global Forum 2014 will gather key policy-makers and public/private stakeholders from more than 30 countries from all continents.

One of the main strong points of the Global Forum is to manage to compress an important agenda with each session gathering some of the world’s top experts. Adding to the intellectual stimulus, each edition of the Global Forum is enriched by cultural events surrounding the think-tank.


The Global Forum is a platform for debates, networking, cooperation and creation of innovative projects gathering key actors of the Digital Society.

The Global Forum/Shaping the Future is one of the most important summits in the world for ICT, it is considered as the Davos event for ICT. It is also a network connecting and strengthening links between various stakeholders of the digital society who have sometime divergent & diverse interests; the Global Forum network provides a platform for cooperation between various entities and offers great opportunities for timely exchanges, networking and creating innovative projects.



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