The human understanding and relationship with networks is advancing at a breathtaking pace. The progression is so fast we are nearing The Network Singularity: an explosion of extraordinary network comprehension delivering an exceptionally new understanding of our world. People will inhabit new Supernetworks. Already, today, we depend on them for life and prosperity.

Here are some of the indicators of the network singularity and supernetworks. 

  • Real-time human instrumentation with sensor technology is becoming seamless, pervasive and singular.
  • The average smart phone sensor apparatus introduces a wide range of entirely new human activities.
  • Human-equipped sensors allow objects and whole systems to speak, talk and behave socially.
  • Mobile social software (mososo) makes information appliances socially and geographically aware.
  • Supernetwork interconnectedness delivers instant, actionable, personal and collective intelligence.
  • Competition is defined through network mastery; relationship economics is the new logic of wealth creation.

For prosperity it is critical to master the new alphabet, vocabulary, language and narratives of the network singularity. For example, underlying the sharp growth of social networking applications like Facebook and LinkedIn, are the actual social graphs. While social networking applications and social media are ephemeral and volatile, the foundational social networks are universal and omnipresent.

To succeed in the new world of the network singularity and supernetworks all must gain social network comprehension. Social networks are the complex foundation of all social media, communities and collaboration. Comprehension, visualization and optimization create and sustain well-being, performance and prosperity.


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Network Analysis

How does your perception and behavior change when you achieve comprehensive network comprehension? Why do some social networks and online groups succeed when others fail?  How do social networks achieve positive impact?  How do network structures and patterns create different outcomes? How do these differences illustrate the roles people play within their networks? How can I visualize my networks to assure success?

Network patterns of contribution and connection determines success. Visualizing these network patterns aids implementation, adoption, security and effectiveness of business operations, tactics, strategies and outcomes.  Awareness and skills in social network analysis (SNA) is needed by all for immediate and continuous improvements in performance and business results.

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