Enterprise Mashups


Finally, after decades of painful disasters and frustration, the corporate IT establishment and KM begin to embrace networks, markets and complexity science vis-a-vis enterprise mashups.

BTW, forget about ‘enterprise architecture’ or SOA for authentic business computing. These methods are built by IT people for other IT people. That’s fine, but remember, they fall down for authentic business computing, knowledge management and complex market-driven, customer-focused applications.

Rather, focus on enterprise mashups, networks, markets and pattern-based KM and business computing.

Further, concise observations and comments from Hayek.

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They are central to the success of complex social computing strategies like enterprise mashups.

One of Hayek’s main contributions to early complexity theory is his distinction between the human capacity to predict the behavior of simple systems and its capacity to predict the behavior of complex systems through modeling. He believed that economics and the sciences of complex phenomena in general, which in his view included biology, psychology, and so on, could not be modeled after the sciences that deal with essentially simple phenomena like physics. Hayek would notably explain that complex phenomena, through modeling, can only allow pattern predictions, compared with the precise predictions that can be made out of non-complex phenomena.”

The Theory of Complex Phenomena

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